Sunday, June 27, 2010

VMware Gsx Server

VMware Cookbook written by Ryan Troy & Matthew Helmke published by(O'REILLY BOOKS)

The VMware Cookbook is the perfect solution for anybody wanting to understand the ins and outs of VMware, it has great step by step illustrations and its not to difficult to read, the information is spread over 280 pages, & its very useful for those of you wanting to learn about all aspects of vmware including the VMware GSX Server whats more it comes extremely cheap only £15.62 and when you consider what an expensive piece of software it is to buy this is very cheap.

There is no need to read this book from front to back you can jump right to a page which has the information you would like to find out about or browse the pages and see what you like and pick up from that point. It explains all about networks and where the VMware GSX Server can come in handy as well as how to configure it to work at its best with the given hardware which you are using.

Some of things covered in VMware cookbook are

1] VMware infrastructure Installation

2] Vmware ESX server installation

3] How to manage vmware storage

4]Creating a diagnostic partition

5] Undertanding Virtual memory

6] Creating a cluster

7] Adding host to a cluster

8] Changing the virtual disk from buslogic to lsi logic problem

9] Manipulating the crash dump partition

10] Finding virtual machine snapshots

These are just a few of the many useful things you will find to assist you in working with vmware.

One has to remember that vmware can allow you to run hundreds of different operating systems and when you use VMware GSX Server these do not run in virtual mode but by using the systems hardware so they run very quick as well reliable If you wish to understand VMware and get into VMware GSX Server then this is wonderful cheap book which which help any newcomer or experienced user better their understanding of VMware.

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