Monday, July 5, 2010

Ajax Shopping Cart Tutorial

Head First Ajax: Written by Rebecca M Riordan, published by [O'REILLY BOOKS]

What's all the fuss about Ajax? In depth questions call for solid answers, and no other than some of the worlds greatest teachers the Head First will see it explained and taught to you and like all their books they are highly intuitive and packed with relevant information and above all you find yourself progressing with every page you read and this book on Ajax is no exception.

It could be that you would like to find a Ajax shopping cart tutorial or just learn the inns and outs of Ajax but have been put off by other books by their clumsy layouts as well as say a lot about nothing. From the moment you open this book that will change. I must point out to you that Ajax software engineers are earning in access of £40.000 so those of you serious about learning Ajax will burst into laughter when you see how cheap this book is, taking it further, you will be floored when you realize how quickly you will progress, all this and so much more for under £25.00 it's hard to believe but true.

After working for 5 years with IBM as a software & hardware engineer I am more than qualified to know a good book when I read one as a result I am recommending it as an excellent tutor for any one serious about learning Ajax. Head first discuss modifying XHTML and teach you about code magnets as well as how to initialize JavaScript it gives you an understanding of servers and where to use php as Ajax is server agnostic it doesn't require server technology.

By incorporating Ajax into your website you are given many new options which other programming languages can't offer. Read the book front to back and what you feel you do not understand read the chapter again until you do, always do the exercise and when you master this book building an Ajax shopping cart tutorial will be a piece of cake.

The ultimate Ajax Tutor is this book.

Learn html the very easy way

Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML written by Elisabeth Freeman & Eric Freeman published by [O'REILLY BOOKS]

HTML=Hyper text mark-up language. Like all popular subjects you are inundated with choice of tutor but if your a book lover like myself as well as a former IBM software & hardware engineer the one thing you will know is many books are a waste of space as well as time. If you like the way the web works and would like to learn html the very easy way then I would recommend you this book as your one & only teacher, reason being its loaded with over 600 pages and informative teaching, not only that study the contents in this book and when you have finished you would be able to apply all you have learned from this book to any web developing company, and lets face it some web site makes are making over £30,000 a year. For a very cheap investment in fact for under £25.00 in this book the rewards could be huge.

Head first are experts in teaching, as everything they teach you learn & understand. As a reader you want to learn the way they teach which they outline in the beginning of the book once you take the time to learn this and follow the book back to front you will know a hell of a lot about html & CSS, what's more right from the very beginning of the book they have you building some nice basic html pages taught you the easy way. No need to my any additional software as the basics can be learned with just not pad it makes no difference if you own a mac or pc as this book will help you. One of the first things you learn is how to create a basic food menu this is a great start as it teaches you how to work with text as well as how to write title tags upon doing this it shows you how you can style that basic page with CSS remember all this takes place in the first chapter!

Now you can create some text the easy way in html the book clearly teaches and illustrates how to add images to a basic text page. Chapter 3: Deals with page construction, when you take time to learn this one of the first things which will come to your mind is the amount of websites owners who need to own this book as once they do their sites would have far fewer mistakes if any. Understanding page construction helps you project the point on your web page as well as hold your viewers interest. A poor page construction will lose you business. Head first address this the easy way.

Chapter 5: Is great and it would really appeal to those who like photography and which to be creative and create their own website from the ground up as it deals a lot with images and media as well as different file formats such as logos, Jpgs and it teaches you how a browser works with images.

There are lots of exercises in this book, doing them will see that you understand what you have read, this is great as it really does help you master html. If you do not have a lot of money and your looking for a cheap effective solution to Learn html the very easy way then this book will be worth its weight in gold.