Monday, July 5, 2010

Ajax Shopping Cart Tutorial

Head First Ajax: Written by Rebecca M Riordan, published by [O'REILLY BOOKS]

What's all the fuss about Ajax? In depth questions call for solid answers, and no other than some of the worlds greatest teachers the Head First will see it explained and taught to you and like all their books they are highly intuitive and packed with relevant information and above all you find yourself progressing with every page you read and this book on Ajax is no exception.

It could be that you would like to find a Ajax shopping cart tutorial or just learn the inns and outs of Ajax but have been put off by other books by their clumsy layouts as well as say a lot about nothing. From the moment you open this book that will change. I must point out to you that Ajax software engineers are earning in access of £40.000 so those of you serious about learning Ajax will burst into laughter when you see how cheap this book is, taking it further, you will be floored when you realize how quickly you will progress, all this and so much more for under £25.00 it's hard to believe but true.

After working for 5 years with IBM as a software & hardware engineer I am more than qualified to know a good book when I read one as a result I am recommending it as an excellent tutor for any one serious about learning Ajax. Head first discuss modifying XHTML and teach you about code magnets as well as how to initialize JavaScript it gives you an understanding of servers and where to use php as Ajax is server agnostic it doesn't require server technology.

By incorporating Ajax into your website you are given many new options which other programming languages can't offer. Read the book front to back and what you feel you do not understand read the chapter again until you do, always do the exercise and when you master this book building an Ajax shopping cart tutorial will be a piece of cake.

The ultimate Ajax Tutor is this book.

Learn html the very easy way

Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML written by Elisabeth Freeman & Eric Freeman published by [O'REILLY BOOKS]

HTML=Hyper text mark-up language. Like all popular subjects you are inundated with choice of tutor but if your a book lover like myself as well as a former IBM software & hardware engineer the one thing you will know is many books are a waste of space as well as time. If you like the way the web works and would like to learn html the very easy way then I would recommend you this book as your one & only teacher, reason being its loaded with over 600 pages and informative teaching, not only that study the contents in this book and when you have finished you would be able to apply all you have learned from this book to any web developing company, and lets face it some web site makes are making over £30,000 a year. For a very cheap investment in fact for under £25.00 in this book the rewards could be huge.

Head first are experts in teaching, as everything they teach you learn & understand. As a reader you want to learn the way they teach which they outline in the beginning of the book once you take the time to learn this and follow the book back to front you will know a hell of a lot about html & CSS, what's more right from the very beginning of the book they have you building some nice basic html pages taught you the easy way. No need to my any additional software as the basics can be learned with just not pad it makes no difference if you own a mac or pc as this book will help you. One of the first things you learn is how to create a basic food menu this is a great start as it teaches you how to work with text as well as how to write title tags upon doing this it shows you how you can style that basic page with CSS remember all this takes place in the first chapter!

Now you can create some text the easy way in html the book clearly teaches and illustrates how to add images to a basic text page. Chapter 3: Deals with page construction, when you take time to learn this one of the first things which will come to your mind is the amount of websites owners who need to own this book as once they do their sites would have far fewer mistakes if any. Understanding page construction helps you project the point on your web page as well as hold your viewers interest. A poor page construction will lose you business. Head first address this the easy way.

Chapter 5: Is great and it would really appeal to those who like photography and which to be creative and create their own website from the ground up as it deals a lot with images and media as well as different file formats such as logos, Jpgs and it teaches you how a browser works with images.

There are lots of exercises in this book, doing them will see that you understand what you have read, this is great as it really does help you master html. If you do not have a lot of money and your looking for a cheap effective solution to Learn html the very easy way then this book will be worth its weight in gold.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

PC Network Support Technician

Head First Networking, written by Al Anderson, & Ryan Benedetti. Published by [O'REILLY BOOKS]

Have you considered ever being a pc network support technician, did you finish school early and never really took any exams, and as a result of this you want a cheap solution to better your life, or are you a network engineer who comes up against difficulties which go beyond your experience, or would you just like to learn a little about networking? The answer to all those problems and more more can be your for very cheap right in here in the superb head first for networking.

If you have your heart set on learning a subject, also you feel willing to learn and are prepared to set aside a couple hours daily to learn, for example you may be thinking of becoming a pc network support technician, then by taking your time to read the pages one by one in this clearly illustrated book you will be embarking on a wonderful knowledgeable journey which will teach you all the valuable concepts of networking. That's not all once you have read this book back to front you will know more than many network support engineers who make a living from doing network support. This is not hard to do as those who did not do good schooling in their job face lots of daily limitations if this is you then this cheap helping guide will contribute to your understanding allowing you to resolve the daily problems you face by making you understand more theories which you were unaware of.

How often do you go to a friends house and notice the cables are all over the place? Bad cabling indicates sloppy workmanship as well as it shows untidiness, it also shows the worker is anything but well trained. Cabling place a big part of networking, fortunately head first networking address this point in the very first chapter fixing physical networks, it teaches you about cables connectors, terminators, how to use a tone tracer sets to listen to electrons, it will teach you about fibre optic cable, CAT5,you will learn about things like a fusion splicer. You learn how to plan a network and where to run the wires on the floor. The joke is I've known books which have been dedicated to the subject of cabling but they did not teach it as well it's hardly surprising after you read this book you will be able to be a PC Network Support Technician.

If you wish to learn about tools & troubleshooting then chapter 3 teaches this it shows you how a toner & tracer can check the signal, you will learn how to use a multimeter and it explains its purpose and why anyone serious about networking would have one. The concepts of resistance is explained. An oscilloscope can be a handy tool in networking.

Network frames have lots of layers understanding this point has caused learners of networking problems however this problem is solved in the head first networking. There will come a time when you need network & devices explained to you. You will learn about the Mac address, Hubs, routers, modems, network cards, switches, You will learn how to connect the networks with routers. You will understand how an ip address works as well as learn about other protocols. Such things like dns name servers are explained with simplicity. Discussions about domain names , firwalls, security. Wireless networks are explained with illustration of different ways to configure a wireless network.

The PC Network Support Technician is a great job as you help a business run effectively daily as well as contribute to stimulating businesses cash flow, such rewarding work can be achieved if you have little or no network experience at all, your only task is to spend a little money and for a cheap investment in the ultimate network book, you too will be on the road to being the PC Network Support Technician.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Spiral Software Development

Head First, Software Development, written by Dan Pilone & Russ Miles published by (O'REILLY BOOKS)

Welcome to the world of Spiral Software Development the job notorious for pulling in a large monthly salary. The great thing is thanks to head first Software Development book, you too can be on that huge payment cheque at the end of each year all for a very cheap investment.

All the steps you need to learn are broken down in a very unique way, they include illustrations, pictures, which are projected in the way which works like the brain works, as a result of this when you learn how the book works you will find it to be one of the most informative cheap guide which you ever came across, as well as being the most user friendly book on the planet. It really makes no difference what type of development you want to learn it could be Spiral Software Development or any other type of development, this book will point you in the right direction which will enable you understand all that they try to teach you.

Some of things which this cheap guide teaches you is

1] Pleasing your customer

2] Knowing what the customer wants

3] Planning for success

4] Getting to the real work

5] Getting it done with great design

6] Insert tab into a slot

This & so much more................

The book teaches all the the fine details which has never been taught anywhere else. It teaches you how to pinpoint a conflict in your software as well as what to do when your software can't merge the changes when it issues a conflict. A regular occurrence in software development is timing problems, in this book which comes nice and cheap, you will learn how to fix such problems. Not only this if you were to get into something like Spiral Software Development these issues are known to happen. In this great book you learn so many things, on top of all that, there are lots of test & exercises purposely put there to increase your development to understanding issues which occur for a developer working in a full-time job.

Learn the contents of what's inside this book and it will give you a chance to work for many companies as a Software developer all down to the experience you gained and learned from reading the book. This book can be purchased for under £20.00. Top software developers have been known to earn in access of £100,000 a year so nobody serious would complain about such a powerful education source yet so cheap to buy but yet it contains the knowledge which could give anybody serious about bettering their education in software the possibility of gaining huge rewards. Your only commitment is to buy & read the book as well as study it daily.

VMware Gsx Server

VMware Cookbook written by Ryan Troy & Matthew Helmke published by(O'REILLY BOOKS)

The VMware Cookbook is the perfect solution for anybody wanting to understand the ins and outs of VMware, it has great step by step illustrations and its not to difficult to read, the information is spread over 280 pages, & its very useful for those of you wanting to learn about all aspects of vmware including the VMware GSX Server whats more it comes extremely cheap only £15.62 and when you consider what an expensive piece of software it is to buy this is very cheap.

There is no need to read this book from front to back you can jump right to a page which has the information you would like to find out about or browse the pages and see what you like and pick up from that point. It explains all about networks and where the VMware GSX Server can come in handy as well as how to configure it to work at its best with the given hardware which you are using.

Some of things covered in VMware cookbook are

1] VMware infrastructure Installation

2] Vmware ESX server installation

3] How to manage vmware storage

4]Creating a diagnostic partition

5] Undertanding Virtual memory

6] Creating a cluster

7] Adding host to a cluster

8] Changing the virtual disk from buslogic to lsi logic problem

9] Manipulating the crash dump partition

10] Finding virtual machine snapshots

These are just a few of the many useful things you will find to assist you in working with vmware.

One has to remember that vmware can allow you to run hundreds of different operating systems and when you use VMware GSX Server these do not run in virtual mode but by using the systems hardware so they run very quick as well reliable If you wish to understand VMware and get into VMware GSX Server then this is wonderful cheap book which which help any newcomer or experienced user better their understanding of VMware.

Netbooks Coming Soon

Netbooks the missing manual written by J.D. Biersdorfer. Published by (O'REILLY BOOKS)

So you have become a part of the latest craze in the world of Laptops, the smaller brother of the laptop called the Netbook, something compact cheap as well as effective for daily office duties and the perfect homework tool for students once you connect a monitor and keyboards to it.

Now you have found out about the netbooks coming out soon and you have purchased one of your choice you could be missing out on a wealth of information by not knowing about the Netbooks the missing Manuel this cheap guide is the ultimate tool for any body serious about owning a Netbook or those who already own one but use it in a basic way.

For under £20.00 which is very cheap when you see the information that is inside. It will show you how you can customize the netbook to suite your needs and accommodate your daily work environment as well as allow you to prevail with much more efficiency.

Some of the subjects discussed in Netbook(s) is
1] Setting up your netbook
2]Moving Large amount of files
3] Transferring files to your netbook
4] How to get manipulate the battery life
5]Getting to know windows 7
6] Managing Windows
7] Knowing Linux and making it work on your Netbook
as well as recommend you the best Linux to use if you wish to install it on your netbook.
8] Organising your photos etc
9] Backing up your Linux
10] Connecting devices to your netbook
11] Setting up a printer.
12]Ways to set-up a network both wired and wireless.
13 And so much more not listed:)

There is a wealth of information in Netbook(s) the missing Manuel and it is cheap to buy yet it contains so much useful information to assist any netbook owner or those thing of buying a a cheap information guide.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Planning Programming Budgeting

Head First Programming written by Paul Barry & David Griffiths published by (O'REILLY BOOKS)

The Planning Programming Budgeting for you does not have to be expensive in fact if you have never programmed a simple screen saver or find it hard to do many things on a computer it could be you have not heard of the Head First? Head first can make any person in the world learn about any subject they have written a book about and Programming is exception from that rule.

In the beginning there are some simple examples given, in fact there are few which show you how to program your own racing car. This is fun and when you put the programming into action it works in a very good way and turns out to be great Planning Programming Budgeting.

One of the biggest things to emerge lately has been social media networks, the 3 biggest in order of there appearance is Myspace, Facebook, and more recently Twitter learn more about the Twitter book. If you have a limited budget you could purchase this cheap tutor book Programming which actually shows you how to program Twitter.

As I am a Head First fanatic I can't help being excited just telling you just how great their books are and they are so inexpensive yet for something which is so cheap to purchase their is wealth of information given for programmers and those Planning Programming Budgeting will find it a dream to read as well as amazingly intuitive.

If you want to learn how to program then this cheap tutor is for sure as good as it gets, there are simple puzzles and projects for you to work out in the book, all you have to do, is take your time when reading each page, if you feel you do not understand a page then read it again, before long, you too will be making your own programs, and it will be all down to the time you have taken to learn how the head first way of tuition is superior to many other book(s).

If you think about twitter and see how successful it is, just think when you have finished reading this book, and understand it front to back, you could be making your very own version of it. By not skipping a single chapter and faithfully read the book back to front your patients and willingness to learn will pay off as well as help you use your brain the way which a good programmer would use his.

Data Analysis made easy

Head First Data Analysis written by Michael Milton published by (O'REILLY BOOKS)

By taking the time to learn the contents of Data Analysis made easy you could find yourself here in summer 2010 or any year after earning a fortune. Your teachers need not be a daily visit to university, studying for a degree over many years, in fact you may have no qualifications at all but you have the wiliness to want to learn, if this sounds like you then your in luck, thanks again to the fabulous Head First cheap Data Analysis made easy guide again published by in my opinion the best computer book publishers in the world O'Reilly Books:)

This book is spread over 445 pages, and unlike many other books which are that long, the pages do not have a lot of long winded boring text which would take years to put into order yet alone understand. On the contry their pages are structured like building Lego. There are clear pictures and illustrations which simplify any point you are not clear of, and like all their books when you understand their teaching formula. If you are prepared to read this book for least one hour a day you will find yourself progressing rapidly and you will be happy with yourself for the way you are consuming the information which is written in the book, but also with the way you understand all you have read in the book.

Data Analysis made easy breaks all the fine details down and if you read the book back to front you will find you will be knowledgeable enough to to solve many companies data out, for a book which was is so cheap to buy it will turn out to be a very wise investment as well as money well spent.

Those serious about this fabulous subject, as they want their career in Data Analysis, when they read this book they will appreciate just how easy the subject can be to learn on a high level with the book which makes Data Analysis made easy. This cheap tutorial is nothing less than a godsend in helping students from beginners to advanced get around any complications they were having trying understand about Data Analysis in order to help them do a job which is highly respected as well as crucial to any business in the world.

Head first can make any subject you can think of easy to learn and Data Analysis made easy by them is no exception.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Online Electronics Course

Make: Electronics, written by Charles Platt. Published by (O'REILLY BOOKS)

Do you really need an online electronics course? Perhaps, before you do go online looking for one, you should check out the book series called MAKE as they have a wonderful collection of books dedicated to electronic enthusiast. Adding more cream to the cake the writers of their books are real top dog, in the way they explain and illustrate their points which in return give you the results one would expect to have from any good book. If your looking for a cheap and affordable book which will teach you all about learning by discovery then look no further than Electronics written by Charles Platt.

The lovers the Online Electronics Course will want to be sure they get something much cheaper and a good start is this book sold not just here in the UK but you can get it from any good bookshop in the world.

Question is why this book? Well I said to my daughter bianca who is only 13 and knows little about electronics at take a look into the book and tell me what you you think? She replied its clearly illustrated and easy to understand. I asked her to read Experiment 5 "Let's make a battery" She read it through and was able to understand it, I asked her 4 questions from what she read and she was able to answer all of them correctly. The point I am trying to make is this is an excellent guide.

Lets take some electronics fundamentals such as a voltage metre, something many people who are home owner could benefit from owning one, just for duties which are around your house, in the very beginning of this book it shows you how to use this voltage metre.

It teaches you about decoding resistors, it teaches about ohms, how to check current flow, you will learn about amps, series & parallel and the famous ohm's law, how to read a data sheet. There is a practical & a theory to every exercise. You will learn about switching basics & more, also the tools an electronics engineer has in his or her tool kit not only this it demonstrates how to use them. It shows you electronics components.

The introduction of Schematics, inside a relay, Details are given on A Relay Oscillator you will learn about adding capacitance. Breadboards as well as get some background to all the information. You will learn about chips, Speakers, headphones, coils filtering & frequencies and how a radio works.

This great book beats any Online Electronics Course or if you are considering an Online Electronics Course then buy this book before you go on one. It has to be one of the most user friendly book for those wanting to learning about electronics this is a cheap 7 terrific start which will reward your interest in a big way.
An as always this this cheap book can be picked up for under £21.00

Pay Per Click Advertising Program

Google Advertising Tools written by Harold Davis, with David Iwanow, published by (O'REILLY BOOKS)

The money which can be made from pay per click is phenomenal, but it also can be a huge lost as those with no experience have no idea how to budget what they spend as well as none to often they bid for clicks which are to high in price. This inevitably leads to bankruptcy, however such losses need not happen if you make a cheap investment by purchasing the book Google Advertising Tools.

This outstanding book which represents all its points in the utmost clarity can be purchased from Amazon for under 17 pounds which is very cheap when you think about it, especially seeing it has over 400 pages. Not only does it show you how to master Pay Per Click but it shows many advertising program(s) which allow you to make Pay per click work to your advantage.

It gives you tips on how to structure a website to make money as well as the things which you can add to the site to make you more money than you could dream off, it also gives tips how you can rank high in google. It teaches you how to be a successful affiliate, it teaches you how to blog and how to get your business into directory listings which are frequently used on the internet. Those of you into an advertising program really will find that for such a cheap guide the information is most highly informative.

Chapter 6 onwards is for the pay per click lovers or those who want to understand it. You will find all they want to know about any advertising program worth using and as well as how to master Google the best search engine in the world.

If you spend the time to read this book as we did at the pc repair as well as conduct a few experiments of our own and we have to tell you this book is a share godsend.

pay per click advertising program(s) are all over the internet but much of the information is cluttered. The authors of this book see otherwise and have gone out their way to see the information which is given about the Pay Per Click Advertising Program is wonderfully laid out and clearly illustrated.

I have listed a few of the many things this book has on offer. I would highly recommend buying this book as it is so cheap and informative but one must not be put off by its cheap cost as it's well worth its weight in gold. The one stop cheap solution for a pay per click advertising program.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Setting up Linux

Linux in A NUTSHELL 6TH edition, written by Ellen Siever: Stephen Figgins, Robert Love & Arnold Robbins. (Published by O'REILLY BOOKS)

Setting up Linux can be a piece of cake with the right guide. If you wish to understand Linux it can be a very deep subject as there are 1000s of commands which make it seem a little too daunting for newcomers to Linux, as a result of that they feel discouraged to try it.

Fortunately there is a great book at hand which teaches you 1000s of ways how to manipulate Linux with different command codes, this makes it work to your advantage, this book Linux in a Nutshell goes way beyond just setting up Linux, what's more, it has to be one the worlds most preferred reference guides for Linux used by professionals and amateurs alike.

It illustrates numerous ways how you can do the same thing and is an essential guide and a great assistance to those Setting Up Linux. By having this book throughout your installation of Linux you will find if you take the time to browse through the pages of this guide, there is a wealth of information which you can use to your credit.

I can recall the first version of Linux which was published by Slackware, it was so complicated to install it took me and a few other gurus a week before the whole thing was set up correctly. Fortunately in 2010 things have changed for the best and when your Setting Up Linux on any computer, even the most difficult Linux Distro is nothing less than a piece of cake to install in comparison to the nightmare me and my programming team had to take on back in the 90's.

Linux in a nutshell is not the type of book you read from front to back but you use it the way you would a dictionary and as an it consultant I have no idea what we would do without it it would be worth mentioning the classic book Knoppix Hacks reviewed here at

Setting Up Linux with the Linux in a Nutshell 6th edition is one of the best things you could do, this book is cheap to buy and no I T guru could possibly contain all the information in his or her head which is written in this cheap but invaluable guide.

After 5 years of working with IBM with hardware and software and repairing well over 2000 computers of all makes I would recommend this book to anybody in world who is serious about learning anything about Linux as it's unquestionably one of the best reference guides in the world dedicated to any Linux user no matter what disto you use, be it Linux, novel, Suse, Knoppix think of any version of Linux you have and this book can help you in Setting Up Linux.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Software Testing Company

Beautiful Testing by (O'REILLY BOOKS)

You may have been creating your own simple programs for sometime problem is it never really leaves your bedroom and who you really need is a software testing company or perhaps a little to expensive? An alternative could be this wonderful cheap book Beautiful Testing.

This illustrates nice an clearly the best ways to go about being able to test your software without the aid of a software testing company in fact if you read the book front to back, and consume the information in detail so well that I could test what you've read has been well digested then you could even run your own software testing company.

If your software is to be successful then scrupulous testing is a must. This book has 23 essays from 27 testers and developers and by reading them there is a wealth of information which you can learn as well as what goes behind the big software gurus how are having much of the international success in software. One such person is Peter Norton. If you love the way automation works then Microsoft's Alan Page share some of his secrets on how to make it effective. A software testing company plays an essential role in seeing that the software is bug free and can cause the minimum crashes when it is installed on an operating system.

Read this very cheap book & learn how to perfect your own software testing company.

Guide to Programming

The Passionate Programmer written by Chad Fowler published by (O'REILLY BOOKS)

The Guide to Programming can come in may ways, however I just love it when someone explains a really serious issue with loads of humour.

If you want to know a little behind the scenes of a programmer then the Guide to Programming should be the Passionate Programmer Chad Fowler explains to you how to hold your ground as well as how to go forward when you have an idea, he even explains how and why he turned down a job offered by Microsoft which offered him a salary of over $300.000 a year anything but a cheap offer.

You also shows you why you should never give up if you believing an idea as well as how important trial and error is. Chad speaks of his experiences in musical school and shows you how it became related to be one of the worlds finest computer programmers.

If your looking for a fun Guide to Programming then this book is differently worth adding to your collection. I must emphasize this book is very cheap and packed with highly informative information unavailable elsewhere and will increase your business ideas as a programmer.

If you are serious about programming, or want to start, or have been a programmer for many years but find yourself not really progressing and your considering a Guide to Programming but you want this information not be to costly then a solid good cheap book as well as the ultimate Guide to Programming is this book.:)

Famous Geeks

The Geek Atlas Written by John Graham Cumming, published by (O'REILLY BOOKS)

Have you ever considered taking a famous geeks holiday? This could easily be accomplished by purchasing the very cheap geek atlas & a little time and planning. Not only would it be fun, but it would also be highly knowledgeable, &remain a lifetime experience not only for enthusiast,but even for those of you who feel remotely curious, as this type of trip could be a big challenge as well as become more appealing the more places you see.

Now the thought has crossed your mind, the question is were do you begin? The Famous Geeks is the perfect start it shows you 128 place around the world as well as where science & technology comes alive.

One must extend his thoughts way beyond Bill Gates, Famous Geeks have been responsible for much of the worlds status and progress today And whichever way you look at it the history of science is all around us.

If you need to find the best museums with much of the works of these Famous Geeks then the Geek Atlas is your one stop. Its cheap to buy and its prime focus is on discoveries or inventions as well as it gives information about the Famous geeks which were behind them.

There are some wonderful photos and illustrations as well as the photos that take you back in time and make you try to think how it was then such as the famous Iron Bridge in England which was the birthplace of industrial revolution, Going further into capturing the location of these famous geeks is a photo of Down House, Downe, England. Lets not forget silicon valleys finest the computer history museum.

This cheap book is loaded with so much about famous geeks and will be money well spent if you go out and buy it.

Javas Script

Learning PHP, My SQL & Java Script by (O'REILLY BOOKS)

Learning and knowing PHP on its own can be very useful but if you take the time to learn MySQL & JavaScript it will make you be a well respected power house in the world of web hosting and web management, of course you could add the Apache cookbook reviewed at mark

A great start for learning Javas Script is this book as not only does it cover the javas scrip in great depth but it does likewise with PHP & MySQL. It shows you a step by step guide how to build Dynamic Websites as well as understanding the 3 terms it shows you how to apply them all together as well as outlines the benefits of learning all 3 of them.

If your programming experience is limited by learning this book back to front your skills will improve significantlyits very user friendly and very cheap to buy. You may be unemployed thinking what subject you would like to learn in fact you may have had no experience at all but you just have the dedication then this very cheap book could land you in a job paying you more than £800.00 a week something many people will never earn if they lived for another 2 lifetimes.

You may just want to know a little PHP or My SQL or just the javas script on its own for a very cheap price this book and be yours. The benefits will speak for them self as you begin better your understanding of what your reading and as you implement the projects again and again until you reach the point were you feel what you have learned can be of assistance to any company in the UK or the world.

PHP Global Variables

Head First: PHP & MySQL By ( O'REILLY BOOKS)

The head first series have to be one of the best books available for teaching you anything what they have written about and PHP Global Variables are no exception. If you wish to understand PHP in depth this wonderful book explains it to you as if you were a six year old yet the book is packed with information and you can fellow step by step.

No matter what your age is PHP Global Variables can be something so simple to understand, yet in many other books when it's explained the confused reader feels frustrated as he or she is no better off about learning the term than they were before they purchased bought the book.

If your looking to purchase a book to better your understanding but want it to be for cheap but also value for money then this book will make learning PHP Global Variables cheap as well as teaching it to you in a way which seems like raindrop in the ocean.

My advise is to take your time to learn the way they teach, once you understand this then all of their other books would be a great asset to you as you could learn subjects such great maths subjects as algebra and so many others.

No matter what level of education you are on the head first is a god send to your learning and PHP Global Variables is no exception.

Hacking Tutorials

Hacking the Next Generation by (O'REILLY BOOKS)

Often when one thinks of the term hacking tutorials the immediate association with the term, is it's to do with something wrong. When you understanding the term hacking you will realize it can be to do with many good things.

If you wish to better your understanding within the area of hacking then a good way forward is to get hold of this solid book which contains many hacking tutorials which will give you an understanding of how hacking works from the ground up.

Lets give a brief example of how hacking can be used in a good way, you can use hacking tutorial(s) to be a protocol handler as pointed out in the book Hacking the next generation on page 108, this outlines weak points in the browser Firefox not only does this hacking tutorial do this but it also explains to you weak points in the internet explorer browser and how to fix them. It Shows you how a hacker can control 1% of your browser or the whole thing. I touch this points because this book can be of interest to not only the die hard computer programmer guru like myself but also to the every day country folk.

If you want to have a little knowledge in hacking tutorials then this a good book add to your repertoire. It will make you understand much more than you will ever get from an inaccurate news paper article or a clip from the daily news. Learn & understand how and why a hacker is able to come into your system but even better still, understand what enables you to stop them coming into your system and how you can block a hacker entirely, by understanding so many things which you would have been none the wiser until you read this hacking tutorial is what will enable you to become aware of what can happen a computer.

Purchase this book for such a small fee, yet with so much to learn!

Computer Book Reader

The New How Published by (O'REILLY BOOKS)

You may feel in love with the way one runs a business, but have you ever considered what it takes to make a business run successfully? If your a computer book reader or a any book reader for that matter the New How written by Nilofer Merchant published by (O'REILLY BOOKS) is for you. This dude has years of experience about what it takes to make a business run successfully and how to make it work. Computer book readers will love the story and how he projects his past experiences in business good and bad. He also shows you how many people on the top are not quiet what you think they are.

Several companies have the potential to go very far with the business which they created from the ground up but none to often they fail, however if the were to read the the New How they could learn some very obvious things which their inexperience has made them be blind to its existence. By reading this Cheap guide much of those things which make big & small business's fail alike could be a thing of the past.

This wonderful cheap guide is highly intuitive, admirable, fun to read and essential not only to the computer book reader but to anyone who wishes to run any type of business successfully. What's even more surprising is the level of business tatics he has knowledge in and teaches you how to apply them.

For for-site and inspiration for any computer book reader or general book reader, or for those who just love a a good cheap book which is enjoyable to read then this is a book which gives you the feeling the author is speaking to you alone in a room, is for you.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


You may have wondered if there is a computer book which shows you how to record your Guitar on the Computer? There is here at the PC Repair they know how to work music with computers as well as how to record with the correct software what is more if you use the software called Audacity everything can be done free. They have written a free E-Book showing you how to record all your Guitar Improvisation

There really is no need to spend large sums of money, by reading the book chapter by chapter then following the instructions step by step you can achieve a hell of a lot. You really can go a long way forward with this simple free PC/Guitar Book once you take the the time to learn your finished production will be such high quality that many people would be hard pushed to tell the difference between your finished recording on the PC and one from an expensive recording studio.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Must Read this

A good way to find the best computer books of the time is to use a book shop who has trained staff who hold a Microsoft, Linux or any other certification like us here at the cheap books uk. The reason I say this as people who do have one have a better a understanding in technical areas and as a result of that they can help assist you to make a better choice of book especially if you are complete novice with computers.

It does not mean those who work there know nothing in fact many know a lot but only from what they have read but not by working in the field.

Of course there are other ways, this being to go to several computer book shops and find the subject which interest you then look at several books and the one you feel you understand the best as well as feel you can actually learn something from is the one to buy.