Sunday, June 27, 2010

Spiral Software Development

Head First, Software Development, written by Dan Pilone & Russ Miles published by (O'REILLY BOOKS)

Welcome to the world of Spiral Software Development the job notorious for pulling in a large monthly salary. The great thing is thanks to head first Software Development book, you too can be on that huge payment cheque at the end of each year all for a very cheap investment.

All the steps you need to learn are broken down in a very unique way, they include illustrations, pictures, which are projected in the way which works like the brain works, as a result of this when you learn how the book works you will find it to be one of the most informative cheap guide which you ever came across, as well as being the most user friendly book on the planet. It really makes no difference what type of development you want to learn it could be Spiral Software Development or any other type of development, this book will point you in the right direction which will enable you understand all that they try to teach you.

Some of things which this cheap guide teaches you is

1] Pleasing your customer

2] Knowing what the customer wants

3] Planning for success

4] Getting to the real work

5] Getting it done with great design

6] Insert tab into a slot

This & so much more................

The book teaches all the the fine details which has never been taught anywhere else. It teaches you how to pinpoint a conflict in your software as well as what to do when your software can't merge the changes when it issues a conflict. A regular occurrence in software development is timing problems, in this book which comes nice and cheap, you will learn how to fix such problems. Not only this if you were to get into something like Spiral Software Development these issues are known to happen. In this great book you learn so many things, on top of all that, there are lots of test & exercises purposely put there to increase your development to understanding issues which occur for a developer working in a full-time job.

Learn the contents of what's inside this book and it will give you a chance to work for many companies as a Software developer all down to the experience you gained and learned from reading the book. This book can be purchased for under £20.00. Top software developers have been known to earn in access of £100,000 a year so nobody serious would complain about such a powerful education source yet so cheap to buy but yet it contains the knowledge which could give anybody serious about bettering their education in software the possibility of gaining huge rewards. Your only commitment is to buy & read the book as well as study it daily.

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