Tuesday, June 29, 2010

PC Network Support Technician

Head First Networking, written by Al Anderson, & Ryan Benedetti. Published by [O'REILLY BOOKS]

Have you considered ever being a pc network support technician, did you finish school early and never really took any exams, and as a result of this you want a cheap solution to better your life, or are you a network engineer who comes up against difficulties which go beyond your experience, or would you just like to learn a little about networking? The answer to all those problems and more more can be your for very cheap right in here in the superb head first for networking.

If you have your heart set on learning a subject, also you feel willing to learn and are prepared to set aside a couple hours daily to learn, for example you may be thinking of becoming a pc network support technician, then by taking your time to read the pages one by one in this clearly illustrated book you will be embarking on a wonderful knowledgeable journey which will teach you all the valuable concepts of networking. That's not all once you have read this book back to front you will know more than many network support engineers who make a living from doing network support. This is not hard to do as those who did not do good schooling in their job face lots of daily limitations if this is you then this cheap helping guide will contribute to your understanding allowing you to resolve the daily problems you face by making you understand more theories which you were unaware of.

How often do you go to a friends house and notice the cables are all over the place? Bad cabling indicates sloppy workmanship as well as it shows untidiness, it also shows the worker is anything but well trained. Cabling place a big part of networking, fortunately head first networking address this point in the very first chapter fixing physical networks, it teaches you about cables connectors, terminators, how to use a tone tracer sets to listen to electrons, it will teach you about fibre optic cable, CAT5,you will learn about things like a fusion splicer. You learn how to plan a network and where to run the wires on the floor. The joke is I've known books which have been dedicated to the subject of cabling but they did not teach it as well it's hardly surprising after you read this book you will be able to be a PC Network Support Technician.

If you wish to learn about tools & troubleshooting then chapter 3 teaches this it shows you how a toner & tracer can check the signal, you will learn how to use a multimeter and it explains its purpose and why anyone serious about networking would have one. The concepts of resistance is explained. An oscilloscope can be a handy tool in networking.

Network frames have lots of layers understanding this point has caused learners of networking problems however this problem is solved in the head first networking. There will come a time when you need network & devices explained to you. You will learn about the Mac address, Hubs, routers, modems, network cards, switches, You will learn how to connect the networks with routers. You will understand how an ip address works as well as learn about other protocols. Such things like dns name servers are explained with simplicity. Discussions about domain names , firwalls, security. Wireless networks are explained with illustration of different ways to configure a wireless network.

The PC Network Support Technician is a great job as you help a business run effectively daily as well as contribute to stimulating businesses cash flow, such rewarding work can be achieved if you have little or no network experience at all, your only task is to spend a little money and for a cheap investment in the ultimate network book, you too will be on the road to being the PC Network Support Technician.

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