Tuesday, May 18, 2010


You may have wondered if there is a computer book which shows you how to record your Guitar on the Computer? There is here at the PC Repair they know how to work music with computers as well as how to record with the correct software what is more if you use the software called Audacity everything can be done free. They have written a free E-Book showing you how to record all your Guitar Improvisation

There really is no need to spend large sums of money, by reading the book chapter by chapter then following the instructions step by step you can achieve a hell of a lot. You really can go a long way forward with this simple free PC/Guitar Book once you take the the time to learn your finished production will be such high quality that many people would be hard pushed to tell the difference between your finished recording on the PC and one from an expensive recording studio.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Must Read this

A good way to find the best computer books of the time is to use a book shop who has trained staff who hold a Microsoft, Linux or any other certification like us here at the cheap books uk. The reason I say this as people who do have one have a better a understanding in technical areas and as a result of that they can help assist you to make a better choice of book especially if you are complete novice with computers.

It does not mean those who work there know nothing in fact many know a lot but only from what they have read but not by working in the field.

Of course there are other ways, this being to go to several computer book shops and find the subject which interest you then look at several books and the one you feel you understand the best as well as feel you can actually learn something from is the one to buy.