Friday, August 24, 2012

Photography Unplugged’ by Harald Mante

What is special about the album ‘Photography Unplugged’ by Harald Mante is his alternative attitude to the truth displayed in his pictures. What we contemporary know as artistic photography is a mixture of reality and computer programs which work according to the author’s project. This is why we do not consider a camera as a continuation of the eye any more but only one intermediary in between the world and the viewer. This is why majority pf the reviews of Rockynook’s albums contain remarks to creation and modern techniques which are not used in Mante’s works.

It is worthy to emphasize that Mante, one of the most prominent and appreciated German photographers, in the book published by rockynook, invites us for a trip through the images which he spotted in nature, untouched by Photoshop and other editing programs, so you have a unique chance to look at towns, landscapes and people as he has seen them throughout his carrier from 1965 to 2008.

The pictures in this book are not set in chronological order but rather according to their themes and composition. There are also combinations of a few photographs join together to present the idea expending outside one camera shut and the whole collection of works with the artists shadow appearing mysteriously in the background like Alfred Hitchcock in his films.

Diversity and wealth of these works give some reason to think if we have really enriched photography by using modern tulles and techniques. When you let yourself engross in the world of Mante’s creations displayed in ‘Photography unplugged’ it is hard to believe that he spotted all these miracles just by traveling and looking around the world and the only creation in here is his talent to see and project in the book what ordinary people pass indifferently in their everyday life.

What are those miracles discovered by Mante? Nothing like one of the highest buildings, the most beautiful views or movement caught in action. In this album you will not find any kitsch nor high fetched camera shuts – just a chair, some posters torn of the wall, spilled paint or a view through uneven glass displaying sharpness of composition and purity of technique. Architectonical details, playing with sunbeams, reflections and shadows are one of characteristic features of Mante’s works. He has been also widely known of his mastership of colour and light which enable as to see very simple views shown at Rockynook’s album as pieces of art.

The reviewed book of rocky nook’s is an obvious treat for the artistic photography connoisseur but also for everyone who wants to see beauty in the simplest thing. The beauty hides in every corner, goes through every path of our life but instead of expecting it in luxury and wealth you may see its traces hidden timidly behind the streets of your town or in between the blades of grass of your loan which Mante proves thanks to Rockynooks publication.

‘Photography unplugged’ provides amazing and very useful lesson of aesthetics for everyone and feast of taste for specialists. Worth to have among your rich collection of albums or very good start of your new hobby. There is no reason to call this book ‘must have’ as it speaks for itself with the very honest and straight voice of Mante. At the price of £38.50 you will not find any more suitable present for your friend or treat for yourself.

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